Angel Number 444 – Surprising & Symbolism Meaning (Updated) 2022

Have you been noticing a series of numbers, such as 444, around you repeatedly? Are you curious as to what this signifies? It might appear at random hours during the day like when you check the time, it’s 4:44 p.m, or a song you’re listening to is 4 minutes 44 seconds long, etc. 

All these appearances aren’t random, and it’s the angels sending you a sign, and assisting you to notice something you aren’t. They are directing you to your spiritual goal, and you need to pay attention. These angel numbers can come in any numeric sequence, such as 111, 777, etc, each of them having a specific significance. But firstly, let’s understand the concept of 444 angel number.

444 Angel Number Meaning

Angel numbers have been a part of numerology since the 6th century B.C when a Greek Philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, invented this sequence. However, it was Doreen Virtue who came up with the term “Angel numbers” as it’s one of the ways that angels can communicate with humans and guide them. The sequence of the numbers is based on specific beliefs, and they focus on certain aspects of your life, such as 444 is concerned with intuition, courage, and integrity, and it displays clarity and decisiveness. 

Whenever you see this number frequently appearing around you, it means that the angels are looking out for you and are indicating that all your hard work is coming to fruition. There are other interpretations of this numerology of 444, but they all have a single commonality, and it’s that this numeric sequence is quite powerful and means that change is about to come in your life. 

Spiritually speaking, 444 is a number that has to do with a person’s aspirations, dreams, and goals. However, you’d have to work hard, show consistency, and be reliable for your angels to encourage you. 

Number 4 could also signify the four elements, air, water, fire, and earth, which means that working together is what would help you succeed in your endeavor. It could also indicate the four directions: north, south, east, and west, emphasizing the importance of connecting with different people and respecting them to achieve a common goal. 

444 is also considered a holy number because it’s a sign from the angels when we need it the most. In many cultures, it’s seen as an idea regarding eternity.

Angel Number 444 meaning

What does it mean when you see 444?

Whenever you’re feeling insecure or demotivated, your spiritual guides would send you signs in the form of a numerical sequence, such as 444, to encourage you and to assure you that you’re on the right path. Everything’s already been decided, so all you have to do is follow your intuition, even if it means facing obstacles or confusion along the way. Eventually, it’ll all make sense. 

So if you’re seeing this number, it’s your angel guide reminding you that you’re a confident and self-reliant person who has got everything under control. Take comfort in the fact that the universe is on your side, and none of your efforts are going unnoticed. Whatever you were manifesting or praying to happen is being heard by the divine beings.

You need to trust the process and have faith in the universe. Positive changes are about to happen in your life, and they’d be long lasting. The reason that 444 is such a powerful message is that it has three energies linked to it. 4+4+4 = 12, and 12 when broken down into separate digits leads to 1+2 = 3. So three 4s in a row amplifies the power of this message. It could also represent the holy trinity because of the number 3, and some people might feel that they are being called upon to do something important.

Seeing numbers 444 repeatedly could also mean that you’ve gone off track from your path and your spiritual guides are sending you a message to lead you back on the correct path. Don’t start believing that just because the universe is in your favor, you can relax and not work for your goals. This sequence is a reminder to follow the process to reach your goal instead of leaving it unfinished. Your connection with the angelic world is strong, and that is the reason they can communicate with you through these symbolic messages. 

For those struggling in life could also receive this symbol as a ray of hope, comforting you. It’s a sign that your future is optimistic and the forces of the universe are greater than you, and they are constantly working in your favor. 

What does 444 mean in love?  

If you’re in a relationship, then 444 meaning love might indicate to trust your instincts, and that you’re with the right person. However, for all the single people, it could signify the love that you have for yourself, which is a great start, because self-love is of utmost importance. It means that you’d soon find your soulmate, and that you’re on the right path, whereas for couples, it means that you have already found your soulmate. 

Since number 4 symbolises stability, it indicates that your relationship has a solid foundation. You can trust your partner and feel protected by their presence. Seeing 444 frequently represents warmth and light in your life. Also, whatever you were expecting and praying for in your relationship would soon take form. If you’re thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, or any other such major decision, then this is your sign that the universe supports you. 

444 means that angels are guiding you toward your destiny, but who are these angels? So there are two archangels: Jophiel and Chamuel who are the guiding angels in your life. Both of them have different purposes. For instance, Chamule is concerned with you achieving your goals and aspirations, and helps you walk on the right path. Jophiel on the other hand is connected to love. He’ll guide you to find “the one” for you. 

444 could either mean that the relationship you’re in is doing well, and you should continue being with that person; however, it could also indicate the end of an unhealthy relationship. But again, don’t confuse this concept by thinking that love will find its way to you without any effort from your end. Both people need to work towards that relationship even if an angel is guiding them. 

Once you begin to understand the universe’s pattern, you’ll start coming to terms with the changes around you, and you’ll start taking action to not get stuck in the same loop, expecting different outcomes every time. As soon as you realise this, your love life will transform. Keep in mind that staying humble and grounded is what would lead you to your soulmate, instead of impulsive decisions. 

444 Twin Flame Meaning

Twin flame refers to a person who is your perfect counterpart. It means two people who are completely in sync with each other, and have a strong connection.So if you see 444, it’s indicating to you that you’re soon going to meet your twin flame or your better half, or have already met them. Whatever it might be, the universe is cheering for you. 

These two people are a mirror image of each other’s soul and are extremely compatible. Seeing this sequence means that it’s prompting you to take action soon, instead of wasting time by fearing and doubting everything. At times, we are unaware if the person’s right for us or not, and whether they are our soulmates or not, but if you’re noticing 444 around you at random times, then it’s the angels telling you that you’re with the right person. 

As you move forward in your journey, you’ll soon find it rewarding, so cherish every moment of this spiritual journey. 

444 Meaning in Ex Relationship

If you’ve gone through a break up, and begun to see the appearance of 444, then it might be the angels prompting you to think about reconciliation, and to reach out to them. There could be a chance that your ex was your soulmate, but due to some reasons, you both went your own ways. But the universe has not given up, and might signal you to give the relationship a second chance. It might be time for you to introspect as to what went wrong, and how to move forward. 

4:44 Significance

If you find it creepy that whenever you look at the watch, or the clock to know the time, it’s always 4:44 p.m, then it might be a sign from the angels. They’re sending you a message that you’re in the prime of your health, sincere, successful, and that it’s time for your spiritual awakening. 

It could also signify that you should spend more “quality” time with your loved ones, and be in the moment whenever you’re with them. 

Even in old scriptures, 444 had an important meaning. For instance, what does 444 mean in the bible? In the bible, John 4:44 mentions that “For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honor in his own country.” This meant that those who were closest to Jesus never acknowledged his miracles. He had passed Nazareth on his way to Galilee to preach, but he didn’t say anything because he knew that the people in his hometown weren’t interested in what he had to say. Therefore, 444 in biblical terms also refers to truth and personal character, and like Jesus, everyone should work in the way they see best. 

There are other biblical passages as well that refers to the significance of the number 4. 

  • Genesis 1:19
    There was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.
  • Revelation 16:8
    The fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire.
  • Genesis 15:16
    Then in the fourth generation they will return here.

444 also represents the number of days Jesus ‘ ministry was in power before his crucifixion. In addition, since Jesus’ crucifixion made way for several changes, 444 is also asking you to be ready for changes. There are many more such examples that explain that number 4 had been considered of importance since the olden days. 

However, there are some cultures where 4:44 isn’t seen as auspicious. In Japan, people avoid taking the train that arrives or departs at 4:44 p.m because they consider it bad luck. 

444 Meaning for Manifestation

Several people are aware about the concept of manifestation, but did you know that 444 is also an indication that your manifestations are about to come true? So if you’re seeing 444 in your life, it means that you’re going to make some life changing decisions by manifesting them. 

Here’s how to go about it. Meditate and focus on what you wish to happen, then write down that affirmation somewhere for 4 days and 44 times each day. This way you’ll be sending out your thoughts to the universe in the form of manifestations. 

You must get rid of all the negative thoughts and trust the angels that are guiding you toward spiritual goodness. Seeing this sequence of numbers means that the universe is listening to you, and your wishes are about to turn into reality. 

Meaning of 444 for Finance and Health

In terms of wealth, 444 would bring forth focus and determination toward your goals, which would eventually lead to a better financial condition. Number 4 is a symbol for practicality, and that is what is needed the most when handling finances. It could signify that you must become more disciplined and structured in your approach of handling financial matters. 

Since the angels are constantly supporting you by sending you these signs, it could mean that you need to focus more on your work and business, or it could refer to getting a job for those who are unemployed. 

As for health, if you constantly see 444, then the angels are asking you to prioritise your health. You might be in a chaotic phase in life, and require a sense of calm and stability. So listen to what the universe is telling you. You might have to make changes in your lifestyle, meditate, and allow your body time to heal. Journaling can also help, since it can also work as a way of manifesting to the universe. 

Why is 444 Considered Bad Luck?

In some cultures, as I mentioned earlier, 444 might not have the same meaning. For instance, in Japanese and Chinese culture, the number 4’s pronunciation is similar to that of death, because of which they consider it bad luck. You’d rarely find number 4 in their phones, addresses, etc. 

Some people also believe that a sequence of unlucky numbers such as 44, 777, etc., is worse than a single bad number. Similarly, a sequence of lucky numbers, such as 66, 888, etc., is better than a single good number. 

However, in some cultures, 444 is concerned with death, but in a positive way. It could mean that your lost loved one is reaching out to you and comforting you that they are near you. It could also signify the arrival of death for someone who has been sick and begins to see this number sequence. 


I hope that your understanding regarding angel number 444 has become much clear, and you’ll notice if the universe sends a sign to you. However, those who don’t believe in this idea could always chalk it up as coincidence, and those who do believe can believe in the power of these numbers. But if you keep seeing 444, then try to connect with your angel by praying, meditating, offering something at the altar, or in any way that suits you. The universe is always looking out for you, you just need to trust the process.

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